The Krewe of Sant' Yago Education Foundation has been honored to serve our community by providing support for hard working qualified Latino students in pursuit of the American Dream.  All contributions we receive are channeled directly into the fulfilment of our mission and we are an all volunteer organization with marginal administrative expenses.  We recognize there are many great philanthropic options in the Bay Area and we hope that you will choose to partner with us in our pursuit to maximize educational opportuinities offered to exceptional students in our community!


                                          Dr. Ray Ortiz, President


KSY Baron Ralph Orihuela, his wife and Dr. Ortiz share success of 14th Annual Gala

A Message from 

the President

September 15, 2018 KSY Ed

Foundation 15th Annual Gala

Ed Morse Cadillac 

Fall 2018 (Exact Date TBA)

Univ of S Florida Latin Scholarships

Fall 2018 (Exact Date TBA)

Krewe of Sant' Yago

Golf Tournament


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